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Welcome to Jeanie Premium Products

We are honored that a client of ours asked if they could be a part of this intro…."Melissa with Jeanie Premium Products has developed and maintained a mutually respectful and beneficial relationship with us.  She is open and honest and has our needs and best interest at heart.  We have enjoyed working with her in a collaborative way.  Because of this:  we have reached higher levels of success in our operations.  Everyone is a winner when we treat one another with respect, courtesy, and dignity.  We all shine.  Putting our minds together creates unlimited potential.  This is the fundamental tenant of her business operations.  We are looking forward to working with Melissa at Jeanie Premium Products on our up and coming projects!”

-Stuart – Engineer/Aerospace Division


Jeanie Gem Cut 

As Featured in 20/20 Magazine March 7, 2016. See the article on page 110.


Jeanie Premium Expands Diamond Tool Family

As Published in the May 22nd 2014 Edition of Vmail Technology. See the article at

Durable Diamond for Milling Cutters Can Lower Costs for Labs

As Published in the April 10th 2014 Edition of Vmail Technology. See the article at  

Re-Tooling, By Melissa Veeser

As Published in the March/April 2013 edition of Labtalk Magazine. See the article at 

While many labs have the same equipment and process similar materials, each lab can have its own challenges when it comes to re-tooling. Finding dependable suppliers, consistent quality, fair pricing of your diamond tooling, and inventory management/stock reduction programs (IMSRP) can all be different. But labs have options. Below are some helpful solutions many labs have implemented with great success. Read the full article


New Products Announced!

The New JP Gold-LL47
  • Long lasting fine cut diamond
The JP-SPV Super Polished Diamond V-Cutter
  • New V Cutter for National Optronics 6E/7E edger
New "JT46" Bonded diamond wheels!

New FAQ section

See the link on the main menu. We will be adding additional questions and categories soon. You can also use your login in to your account to submit questions. We will answer them and add them to the site.



Thank You Melissa! Dave/Plant Supervisor & Master Cook (look for some of Dave's cooking tips on this site).

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