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We recently had 2 tools rebladed by your company for our MEI.  They are working out great. I really appreciate all that you do for us.

Thank you,

-Toni  / Buyer


I am amazed at how many more cuts we are getting from your (MEI) diamond. It is double what we were getting. Keep up the good work!!!

Thanks Again,


"Love your blades - they're better than the "others" we used to order!"

Mike / TX Lab

…Thanks again for all your help, Melissa. I'm sure you have a lot going on. I really appreciate the fact that I can always get a hold of you when I need to. I'm sure you know this but most companies aren't that way but that's another conversation entirely......

Mike – Ophthalmic Lab Supervisor


“Hi Melissa,

Loved your JP47 Gold fast tool cutter , lasted around 9,800 lenses - great product.   I will speak to the lab manager  about ordering this  product from you. “

Best Regards,

Thanks again Melissa, hope to meet sometime in future!  Very helpful once again, we’ll be in touch.  – Blake

—Reduced blade sharpening by almost 50%
—Increased saw time by 15%
—Reduced saw cycle time by 10%
—Have not rebuilt saw gearbox in over 2 years. Prior to the product Melissa supplied us with - it was rebuilt every 6 months!
—Sumps stay fresh! No rancidity - even when other contaminants are introduced.

Charlie/Plant Supervisor

Feedback on our reworked 6 Tooth Milling Cutters….

“The Roughing Wheel was installed and calibrated.  I am very impressed with the Roughing Wheel!! Did not have to do any balancing on the package at all.

Thanks !”

Clay C.

New 5 Degree Blade for 6E/7E Edger

I use these cutters in all my 7E edger’s . The benefit of these cutters in a 7E are amazing. What happens is when you run anything with a front curve in these edger’s ( which is about everything you do) you will notice the back edge of the lens will be larger than the front  (or taper out) and the more base curve there is the more this increases. So by using a taper cutter it makes the back edge taper in . This allows the lenses to fit in the frame much better. There is no undo stress on the backside of the lens so the temples go inward not out ward you get better face form on the  frames and reduced chipping.  Some people have not noticed this problem yet they still think it’s from there tracers not measuring correctly.

Dan S. Lab Supervisor

Thank You Melissa! Dave/Plant Supervisor & Master Cook (look for some of Dave's cooking tips on this site).

Melissa, thank you for the quick response to this issue it really shows how dedicated you are to your customers.  It is unfortunate we did not get to know each other more while you were here, hopefully next time I will set up a reminder.

Thank you,

David / Engineer Technician

“Melissa, thank you for your hard work on this issue it is much appreciated.

Thank you,”

David N.

Thank You so much Melissa! I want you and everyone there to know that we appreciate your Great Customer Service!


“Inaction or indecision can be dangerous – do something, even if it’s wrong – then you have the opportunity to learn.”

Eric – Engineer / Texas

Thank you Julie! You guys are awesome :)

Erika G/Purchasing

“You do a hell of a job, Melissa – thank you !”

Jon P. / (Ophthalmic Lab – IA)


 Outstanding customer service….thank you for treating us as valued customers.  It is much appreciated!

Julie / Tool Crib Manager

Melissa, it is always a pleasure doing business with you!

Kathy / Production Control Logistics Analyst


“ You have the best products! – Your quality is better, lasts longer and more economical.  I can ‘push’ my tools without compromising quality and finish – because they can take it!  We also appreciate the number of relaps we get with your JPP Gold LL Turning Tools!” “What we’ve saved in one year, using Jeanie’s tooling, more than pays for a full time salaried employee each year”.

Lee – Ophthalmic lab manager Lee

"Increased productivity by 23%...cut costs by 30% —using less coolant. Grinding wheel costs reduced by 12%. Thank you Melissa for your commitment to our company & the time you spent helping us to solve our problems. Your professional manner & your knowledge of metal cutting fluids are, "par excellent."

Michael / Toolroom Supervisor SME, TDE, TMA


It's always a pleasure working with people who pay attention to detail. I remember this time last year, before I was doing business with you,  & it was a nightmare. Now, I never have to worry about communication or getting service or products in a timely fashion.  I cannot thank Oscar enough for recommending you.

Thanks for everything. :)


Mick / Diamond Tooling Supervisor

I'm currently using one of the milling tools you rebladed and it's cutting well.


Thanks so much for your help!  We really appreciate your support!

Nita / Sr. Site Supply Specialist

I consider it a necessity and my job to revisit our products and needs – working with Melissa is very hands-on.  I know I can count on her to take care of us – it has streamlined our operational tool needs working with her vs. ‘going direct’ – looking forward to many more years of great service, products and new ideas with Jeanie Premium Products.

Ophthalmic Maintenance Mgr.

We had been using the same grease for years from the same supplier...Enter: Melissa. She inquired about our labor and part costs...We had been using the wrong grease all those years! Melissa introduced us to a better option; saved us substantial amounts of company time, money and labor on our trucks. Thanks Mel!

Richard / Fleet Mgr.

I felt like I was bothering my previous diamond tool provider when I needed help or had questions.  Melissa with Jeanie Premium Products wants to help & ‘Shows Up’ – love the quality and service we get – we trust her….and I get my own tools back – thank you, Melissa.

Thomas / Ophthalmic Lab Supervisor


“Melissa, Jeff and I are pleased…along with many other tooling purchases we have made from you all.  We now consider Jeanie synonymous with quality!”        

Brandon / Operations Manager

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