Ophthalmic Diamond Turning Tools – Fine Cutters - Natural & Synthetic:

JPP is your number one source for high quality fine cutting ophthalmic diamond tooling. These are often referred to as Fine Cutters and are the second stage of the lens generation process. Whether natural or synthetic, our fine diamonds come backed by the service that you expect from Jeanie Premium Products. We have a full line of natural and synthetic PCD diamonds that are designed specifically for use in the most common ophthalmic generators. Whether you prefer a natural or synthetic diamond, we have you covered.

Check out our newest product, the JP-Gold-LL47. This high quality, long life diamond will give you 2-3 times the life over other natural and synthetic tools and is a direct replacement for a standard 2mm diamond.

New Natural Diamond Tooling (Fine Cutters)

2mm and 5mm natural diamonds of the highest quality

.1 micron waviness

Relap / Regrind services for natural and synthetic (PCD) fine tooling

We can Relap / Regrind diamonds from other manufacturers including 2mm, 5mm, and 8mm.

.1 micron waviness

Loh (Shank) Turning Tools

Insert & Shank Design

Let our extensive experience at relapping diamonds for both free-form and conventional ophthalmic generators save you money.